I’m so grateful and happy if you have found my little place on the internet.

Hi, I’m Alice– a sweet potato lover (if that wasn’t obvious), a dog lover, a semi-food lover, and most of all, a current disordered patient. Over the past year, I developed eating disorder tendencies and am still struggling with finding my life.

While from the outside, I am bubbly (sometimes), cheerful, and what-I-would-think welcoming, I actually struggle on a minute to minute basis of food problems.

Although ironic, after competing in a healthy lifestyle school club event, I found myself more damaged and UNhealthy than ever before…. BUT blogging has changed my life.

By reading all of these wonderful people on the internet, whether they were or were not formerly disordered, I have found a renewed passion to live healthily, happily, and balanced. I look at everybody online and wish desperately to find my own joy in life. Told the same old same old from doctors, (Type A personality, perfectionist, OCD….) I have realized that the best medicine is just finding motivation. The wondrous bloggers online have inspired me and made me progress to however far I have reached today.

Never in my life did I ever think I would have eating disorders, nevertheless, struggle with underweightedness (it could be a word). To think back where fast food would be a daily occurrence, calories meant nothing, exercise was a pain/unnecessary, and desserts were an every meal thing, I realize that I probably wasn’t living to my true potential back then. Now though, to think I could go months eating the same meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I realize this can’t be any better. I NEED to find a medium!!!!

Between my love for real health, my wonderful doggie, my family, and sweet potatoes, I just need to realize that life is too short to waste time thinking over food.

I want to be able to see that more and more by myself and through others…

I want to be able to help others and let them see it for themselves too…..

I ALSO want people to realize how delicious sweet potatoes are and how they could become an addiction 😉

P.S. I know I will probably already love you if you have a passion for Kpop! It IS da best!

SONE4life ❤

But no. Just no. I want to get better, connect, and find who I am as a person.



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